What makes SMC’s consulting services unique?

During our time as executives and managers we ourselves gained quite a lot of impressions from working with management consultancies. But what makes a difference for Schlummer Management Consulting, what is unique?

Most important, the consultants joining Schlummer Management Consulting spent nearly their entire professional careers in the railway sector. So they already encountered many of the customer issues currently brought to us. Most of SMC’s consultants apply excellent engineering expertise, some even the very details of vehicle construction. Therefore our consultants have a deep understanding of the matter and know the ‘pitfalls’ while realizing a project.

An advantage of working with highly skilled experts with sound backgrounds: We are able to facilitate customer issues ‘just dumped over the fence’ or even problems with unclear cause or intent. We will identify a certain problems’ root cause, establish a structuring working hypothesis and give advice where act efficiently. SMC does not believe in standard solutions for everything, but prefers a thorough look into any issue raised. As no company is like another, each on is worth the individual assessment. Instead of delivering glossy presentations we lay our emphasis on customer-specific approaches and feasible ideas.

In the good end we feel the importance of approaching issues in a holistic manner. Our team can assess complex technical questions as deep as commercial, legal and procedural implications in a sophisticated way.  Also, we would like to share further insights gained during a mandate, and do not hesitate to raise even uncomfortable truths or point out to risks seen. Finally, what counts is finding the optimal solution for your questions and tasks.

Our motto:

Fast. Independent. Holistic.

We are looking forward to the dialogue with you!

Sincerley yours,
Edmund Schlummer and the  entire SMC-Team