Our Services.

Schlummer Management Consulting – co-operative, communicative and always at eye level!

Do you seek professional support mastering challenges in the railway sector? Then you are perfectly right at Schlummer Management Consulting. The technical and commercial solutions within the entire rail vehicle lifecycle are our passion. Selection, procurement and modernization of all kind of rail vehicles drive our daily business.

Highly skilled experts with sound railway-specific vitas form a dedicated consultant network. They keep a realistic view when determining the feasibility of customer objectives. Due to constant exchange with our customers we know about the areas with urgent need for consulting services.

Ad-hoc expertise

„If you have a technical problem, we will help in shortest time“

Sometimes only the firefighters can be of help. If ad-hoc solutions are requested we will move out. Schlummer Management Consulting stands in for instantly applicable solutions. Rely on our expertise regarding acute questions in the rail vehicle asset management. A thorough technical understanding reaching deep into the engineered structures are key to our fast down-to-earth action.

Technical strategy

„We help you to structure the asset management and to control your assets”

Although stagnation really means regression, enforcing technical strategies is no easy going. Or do you fail to see the wood for the trees? In this case we would like to help along. In close co-ordination with you we work on further advancing your rolling stock portfolio, develop target visions and break it down to roadmaps for controlling your assets. We implement the strategy into business.

Digitisation of rail vehicles

„We help you to draw benefit from a digital data acquisition and embedding them into railway procedures.”

The rail vehicle digitisation is the great hype, keeping the entire sector busy for years on. Equipping vehicles with telematics boxes is only the first step ahead. Together with you we work out suitable concepts for data analytics ensuring the required data quality. But the biggest challenge of all is translating the digitisation efforts into existing railway procedures. Schlummer Management Consulting will be by your side.

Maintenance concepts

„Due to our sound experience we are able reduce cost of maintenance and downtimes.”

To obtain the maximum benefit from your fleet individual mature maintenance concepts are essential. At Schlummer Management Consulting you will meet true experts - economically formed in thinking and acting – who will help you reducing the cost of maintenance and downtimes coincidently. Condition-based maintenance, modular structured maintenance, revising of maintenance plans, optimization of order and control processes – Anything we can help with?

The 4th railway package

„We understand what’s coming next upon you regarding the 4th railway package and help setting the priorities for preparation.”

The final implementation of the EU’s 4th railway package is forthcoming and thus the creation of a ‘consistent pan-European railway area’ within EU member states. We accompany your company to understand the extensive regulation framework und to make best use of the scheduled reforms. Information sessions regarding the 4th railway package, training for altered homologation and acceptance processes, configuration management and staff training add to our service portfolio.

Project Management

„We get your projects back on track.“

Quite often the outsiders’ unbiased view is useful to revive an ailing venture. At Schlummer Management Consulting you encounter specialists with sole expertise in rail industry and railway undertakings. They are true experts who are able assessing and providing the best support for your ventures. We accompany your technical projects, coach responsible project manager and offer critical project reviews as well as risk assessment.